Sunday, August 23, 2009

Effective Teacher Feedback

The feedback I received in my first-ever graduate class was dismal, practically none. Even now, almost a month after the class has ended, I still have not received an official grade, nor have I received feedback on ANY of the projects I completed for the class, including the summative project. All I received as a result of my first graduate class is an unoffical notification of my grade: "You received an A in the class" and a feeling that my professor does not like me very much--that I "bugged" her.

Anyway, this study reveals five characteristics of good online professorial feedback--characteristics I want to be sure to include in the feedback I provide to my students.

The Study: Effective Instructor Feedback: Perceptions of Online Graduate Students

Helping Students Think Critically

I liked this study, which shows that students will think critically if educated as to what it means to "think critically."

Along with instruction on collaboration (if I expect students to collaborate), I will also lead off my classes with instruction on critical thinking--as I will certainly expect my students to think critcally.

The Study: Facilitating Students’ Critical Thinking in Online Discussion: An Instructor’s Experience by Hua Bai at SUNY Potsdam. Published in the Journal of Interactive Online Learning ... ... Volume 8, Number 2, Summer 2009.